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Build operational resilience and prepare for the next downtime before it arrives.

The future of Business Continuity Planning, Ascent AutoBCM© 5.0 is here with brand new features, making it the perfect time for you to experience this AI-Powered Business Continuity & Crisis Management Software that’ll give your business a fair chance at survival.


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AutoBCM Modules

Business Impact Analysis

BIA module enables BC Staff to identify Critical Processes in the organization along with their Impact on different categories like Financial Impact, Reputation Impact, and so on. This module helps you by automatically calculating PRTOs, TRTOs, RPO, and Gaps; mapping Internal and External Dependencies, and identifying SPOFs. You also have options to identify different Resource level dependencies like Applications, Staff, and Infrastructure.

Features & Benefits

  • Identify Mission Critical and Critical Processes and their PRTOs and TRTOs

  • Identify processes’ Peak and critical deadlines, Internal and external dependencies

  • Identify Resource level dependencies like Staff, Applications and Infrastructure

  • Configurable workflow for Business Owners to review and approve

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessments can be done either Qualitative or Quantitative. The Risk Assessment module enables you to identify different applicable Threats from a pre-defined list of Threats. Once threats are identified, it provides a framework to calculate Inherent Risk Rating based on the likelihood and impact of the threat. Once Risk Rating is identified, it provides a framework to add and monitor Mitigations and Controls. These Mitigations and Controls can be tracked in an integrated Module by assigning them to a responsible Staff member.

Features & Benefits

  • Qualitative/Quantitative Risk Assessment

  • Integrated Mitigation and Controls linked to Threats identified

  • RA can be done at site, city, country or organization level

  • Extensive pre-defined threat list which can be configured as per the organization requirements

  • Both inherent and revised risk calculation after Mitigations/controls

  • Configurable workflow for Business Owners to review and approve

Business Continuity Testing and Exercise

The testing module enables Staff to test the Strategies/Plans created during BCP phase (In the BCP Module). Continuous Flow of information from BIA, RA, and BCP to Testing makes the data consistent and free from manual errors. Annual reminders for testing keep the Risk team informed and proactive in meeting the Regulatory compliance.

Features & Benefits

  • Consolidated information from BIA, RA and BCP into Testing makes it easy to conduct testing

  • Test Reports are automatically generated once testing is complete

  • Integration Issue/Action tracker module to track the issues identified during Testing and refine the BC plans

Crisis Management

The Crisis Management module provides the functionality to create an incident and define its scope. It enables User to define the scope based on locations, Organization hierarchy, applications/infrastructure/resources that are affected because of the incident. Based on the scope identified, the system extrapolates the impact on Critical Processes of the organization. System also helps Incident Management by guiding them with the BC plans that are available and applicable for the incident at hand to better recover the Critical Processes at risk. This module is also integrated with Real time Voice, SMS and Email notification system.

Features & Benefits

  • Creation and updation of Incident along with Incident management team and response teams

  • Defining the Scope of Incident based on location, Organization hierarchy, Resources/Applications/Infrastructure

  • Identify critical process based on incident scope ( resources, premises, organization. structure)

  • integrated voice/SMS/Email notification

Emergency Notification

Both from Web interface and Mobile App, AutoBCM provides functionality to trigger Voice/SMS/Email Notification for instant communication with Incident management and Response team Members.

Features & Benefits

  • Three modes of Communication (Voice/SMS/Email)

  • Large volume capability

  • Custom or pre-defined template messages

  • Integrated with Live HR Database

  • 1000s of Notifications/Instructions at the click-of-a-button

Training and Awareness

AutoBCM has an integrated Training module to train Staff members both on BCM Practices and AutoBCM. The system also keeps track of different pieces of training taken by Staff members for Auditing purposes. An integrated Assessment sub-module assesses the Staff members on their understanding of BC principles before and after the training and tracks the progress.

Features & Benefits

  • BC and AutoBCM training

  • Allows multiple pieces of training

  • Records training description

  • Staff Training Records for tracking and auditing requirements

Audit Survey

The Audit Survey module simplifies the Audit related compliance requirement. A year-round preparedness can be tracked through the system and BC Team is ready at any time of the year.

Features & Benefits

  • The survey can be assigned at all levels of the Organization

  • Responses Report for the Business owner

  • Highly customizable as per business needs

Business Continuity Repository

AutoBCM maintains every version of the BIA, BCP, RA, and Testing records from BC Coordinator creating these documents and “waiting for SME approval” to “Business Owner” approval. This is a module from which you can access any version of any document from the BC System.

Features & Benefits

  • Access to any version of BIA, RA, BCP and Testing documents

  • All types of documents (excel, word, Pdf, maps etc.) upload and download

  • Allows document description for better understanding

Reporting and DashBoard

Dashboard, a single stop for different Stats and metrics of BCM. User/Staff specific customizable Dashboard that gets updated with the live data. Metrics like Over Due documents, Tests/Exercises, Strategy distribution across the organization gives a view for higher management to easily keep aware of the entire BCM process.

A customizable reporting engine can generate reports for Regulatory Compliance as well any day-to-day requirements.

Features & Benefits

  • Dynamic customizable Dashboard

  • Live Stats and metrics for BC Managers/Heads

  • Pre-configured reports to meet all known BC requirements

  • Customizable Reporting engine meets any Reporting requirements


It is not enough for a business to measure and analyze various sorts of risks that make it vulnerable but needs to do something about these risks. In Risk Management, control actions are specific actions to be taken in order to reduce a risk’s chances of happening, while, risk mitigation actions are aimed at reducing the impact of the risk. 


Risk mitigation is basically about taking some specific steps to limit the organization’s exposure to prospective threats and Risk Control will try to reduce the chances of the threats reoccurring.


There are a number of risk mitigation and control strategies a company can implement to deal with the various types of risk, including risk avoidance and risk reduction. The MITCON tracking module will help check whether these risk mitigating and control measures are effective or not. The same module will also help during the auditing process.

Features & Benefits

  • Track and access each Mitigation and Control measures

  • Risk Mitigation measures executed properly will reduce the impact the risk will have on the organization

  • Risk Control measures will reduces the chances of the risk occurring again.

Issue & Action Tracker

The validity and effectiveness of the BCP are ensured through multiple testing, proper documentation of the results and follow-ups of the issues coming from testing sessions, and finally implementing actionable strategies to resolve these issues and improve the BCP. Our Issue & Action Tracker module is the right tool for the job.

All issues coming out of the testing will get collected here automatically, with an option to manually add other issues. Then the stakeholders can track the actions to closure, with the help of reminders and the dashboard.

Features & Benefits

  • Track all issues coming in the testing of the BCPs

  • Get options for actions to be taken to resolve these issues to closure.

  • Add issues manually to ensure the fulfillment of those as well.

  • Get valuable insights into the critical processes through the I&A Tracker