Macro Consulting

Our mission is to empower people to help build more operationally resilient businesses and communities through consulting. We accomplish this by becoming your partner in resilience and using our operational resilience methodology to conduct initial assessments, provide recommendations, implement changes, and actively manage your organization's operational resilience program. 

Reserved for enterprise-sized organizations who require full-time contracted consulting support in either defining operational resilience and/or aligning to professional standards to help your organization Scale, Adapt, Respond, Recover, and Thrive.

Genesis Resiliency works on projects that support organizations in building operational resilience by adapting our operational resilience framework that encompasses the following professional disciplines into one practice, and program of governance.

  1. Business Continuity / Continuity of Operations

  2. Crisis Management & Communications

  3. Critical Environments

  4. Financial Health & Viability

  5. Human Resource Management

  6. Incident Response

  7. Information Security

  8. Legal, Audit & Compliance

  9. Organizational Behaviour

  10. Risk Management 

  11. Supply Chain Resilience

  12. People's Health & Safety in Virtual & Physical Environments

We structure our unique OPGC (Organizational Program Governance & Control) approach in combination with our 9-key business area strategy that ensures your ability to Scale, Adapt, Respond, Recover, and Thrive.

Costs are based on estimated time spent on conducting assessments, delivering recommendations, and/or active-managed services on annual cycles.