A roundtable - Addressing Entrepreneur's "Top 10 challenges business owners are facing right now"

According to Entrepreneur Magazine's top 10 challenges business owners face right now is:

  • Challenge 1: The Ability to Transition to a Digital-First World

  • Challenge 2: Lack of In-Person Networking Events

  • Challenge 3: Forward-Planning is Difficult

  • Challenge 4: Leaving Brick-and-Mortar

  • Challenge 5: Lacking Work/Life Balance

  • Challenge 6: Increased Shipping Costs

  • Challenge 7: Lacking Creativity

  • Challenge 8: Blips in Production

  • Challenge 9: Pressure to Perform

  • Challenge 10: Long-Term vs. Short-Term Content

When it comes to Business Continuity and Resiliency - How does one overcome these challenges as a business owner? How does the business identify opportunities in building robust support strategies for its employees based on the challenges? What methodologies can a business use to mitigate against impacts presented by these challenges?

Join us for our virtual event in addressing these challenges by building business continuity strategies:

Date: Friday, October 8th 2021

Time: 12:00pm to 1:00pm Eastern

Register via email: martin.gierczak@genesisresiliency.com