Building Business Resilience starts with You - Shine Bright while avoiding entrepreneurial burnout.


As an entrepreneur, you work hard to make your company a success. However, it is important to prioritize your own well-being since neglecting your mental and physical health can directly impair your ability to run your business on a regular day, let alone during an operational incident or crisis event. Even if you are currently in a good place, you should implement a self-care routine and be on the lookout for indications of physical and emotional exhaustion.

Here are some tips that can help an entrepreneur shine bright while avoiding entrepreneurial burnout during a regular business day, an operational incident or crisis event.

Spot the Signs of Burnout

The symptoms of burnout tend to creep up on people over time. You may find that most of the hours spent working make you happy, but some days you feel out of sorts. Eventually, the bad days outnumber the good ones as burnout progresses.

Many individuals have days when they don’t feel well or must deal with various issues. However, you may be experiencing burnout if you notice that you always seem tired, consistently dread going to work, abuse substances, feel sick more often, or find yourself frequently angry and irritable.

Burnout can mimic the symptoms of other issues, including depression. If you are experiencing these symptoms, it is a good idea to talk to a professional.

Evaluate the Situation

Several factors can contribute to your burnout. Stress from work, family obligations, poor health, or lack of free time can work together to elevate your tension levels. Think about your daily routine and create a list of tasks or situations that cause you to feel anxious, tense, or irritable. And don’t forget to consider how, when an incident occurs that impacts your business, the added accountability to help keep it running for your people and community will affect your stress levels.

  • If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please call 9-1-1 or go to your nearest hospital.

  • Engage The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) by:

  • Contact CAMH by phone, they provide have a helpful ACCESS CAMH line that can be reached at 416-535-8501 option 2.

  • If you are in an emergency, in crisis, or need someone to talk to, this is a list of resources available for areas in and around Toronto.

  • CAMH recently launched a suicide prevention app called Hope by CAMH (Link to download).

Find Long-Term Solutions

Taking a few days off work can make you feel better for a short period, but unless you implement lasting changes to your routine, burnout can occur. Focus on all aspects of your life when creating solutions so that you can be ready for when an operational incident occurs.

Poor physical health can reduce your comfort levels and leave you feeling drained. Use videos or tutorials to start a workout routine at home or head to the gym to exercise in a group setting. If your interest wanes, try using novelty to renew your interest. Take lessons in boxing, dancing, or fencing for a unique, fun, and motivating workout. Go for walks during breaks or try a standing desk so you can march in place while you work. If you have employees, create fun exercises breaks, gamify them, or use programs such as this smartsheet template to help create a trackable wellness program for your employees.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, exercise boosts both your physical and mental health. Other ways to increase mental well-being include relaxation techniques such as meditation or engaging in a hobby.

  • Look for ways to decrease your workload, such as outsourcing tasks that are not your forte. If you don't have the budget for an employee, hire a freelancer to perform jobs as they occur. Bring someone in to handle bookkeeping, cleaning, graphic design, or other jobs to free up your time. Outsourcing your incident or crisis management to professionals would be a key support mechanism not only for you to be able to focus on their own mental health, but for the businesses, the people, and the community you serve.

  • If financial concerns are making it hard to keep your head above water, look into securing outside funding. Luckily, there are a number of grants reserved specifically for small businesses in Canada, so that might be just what you need to breathe fresh life into your business.

  • If there are concerns regarding substance abuse,’s article about The Real Risk of Entrepreneurial Strengths Becoming Addictive Weaknesses highlights a key point: “Successful entrepreneurs run the show. Many have a hard time being told what to do, or when to stop, by anyone, including investors. That may cause dysfunctions to get out of hand, resulting in workaholism, alcoholism, promiscuity, gambling and so on”. The Journal of Business Venturing reports how entrepreneurs' workaholism and obsessiveness are behavioral addictions. During an incident, how does this scenario play out when entrepreneurs who do not want to listen, still want to call the shots and attempt to recover their business? It’s a difficult challenge many entrepreneurs are faced with, and we have been there, also learned our mistakes.

As an entrepreneur, you are a business leader. Here are additional resources from CAMH you can engage to support yourself, your employees, and your company:

  • Download and review CAMH’s Mental Health Playbook for Business Leaders.

CAMH's Mental Health Playbook for Business Leaders
Download PDF • 10.23MB
  • Join CAMH’s Business Leaders for Mental Health Action. Download & review:

CAMH's Business Leaders for Mental Health Action Overview
Download PDF • 155KB

Read this article to learn more about how future tech is improving virtual capabilities, driving innovations so that professionals can provide better care and access to the public:

See this additional resource page provided by the Government of Canada.

With respect to what Genesis Resiliency can do to help you and your business:

  • We help build operational resilient businesses to adapt to fluid environments that can disrupt your business. We enable you to outsource your incident or crisis management response processes to Genesis Resiliency. This means we put feet on the ground and use pre-planned resource plans to recover your business. In addition, we provide strategic supportive guidance and use our resource pools of professionals from various fields of professional practices ranging from insurance, legal, cleanup, media, etc. to have the right type of advice available to support your business during a disruption.

  • We help build and manage an easy-to-apply physical wellness program for your business. We also motivate staff by being with you every "step, or steps" of the way!

While it is normal to deal with stress sometimes, struggling with ongoing burdens can be detrimental to your health. Take time to evaluate your lifestyle and make changes that can help you become a better business owner, be able to recover your business, and boost your satisfaction in all aspects of your life.

Genesis Resiliency was founded to help our local communities, businesses, and organizations build continuity strategies that improve operational resiliency. Let’s discuss how we can work together to support wellness initiatives within your organization & provide peace of mind in 24/7 operational incident and crisis response.

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