Crisis Management Entrepreneurship - The Story of Genesis Resiliency.

This is a story of what it takes for an entrepreneur to build a successful business during chaos. Kind of.

What does it take for an entrepreneur to build a successful business during chaos? Whether the chaos be an external force or an internal force, success depends on how much a “vision” pulls you to attain what you define as a dream come true.

My journey started in Spring 2020 when I found myself without any income. I spent 4 months examining myself, attempting to understand what was real and what wasn’t. Eventually, I got back up, brushed myself off, and worked to find a solution to my problems. My company, Genesis Resiliency, was the result.

I had some savings which didn't last after buying the domain, setting up bank accounts, and all other expenses needed to stay afloat. Then food became an issue but friends came by to drop off canned goods, cooked for me, my mom helped me out, and a local convenience store owner kept receipts of what I owed because I was never able to pay him.

Scraping by with no money, no calls for job interviews, and nothing to do except run every day was a fairly hurting time for me. Then in June 2020, I got the call for a potential 1-year contract that would change my life. It was a decent contract, 6-figures. I took it.

I was blessed, knowing that things are finally going to be ok. I started the contract work in July 2020, got caught up on my bills, and looked into moving my mom in with me into a bigger home. Things looked promising.

I started doing a lot of pro bono work around the same time. I wanted to solve a problem that many businesses and organizations were faced with; how to continue operating during disruptions? Covid-19 destroyed many dreams, but it also helped make mine come true, kind of.

The pro bono work I was doing helped me create a practice of due diligence that can be applied to virtually any type of organization. This led me to exploring avenues including working with not-for-profits, collaborating with professionals in the business continuity & emergency management spheres, and working on other projects that I can’t mention due to confidentiality reasons.

Things were going well, and I focused a lot of my time either before work or after work to pump out as much pro bono work as I could to gain momentum.

In February 2021, I was finally able to bring several like-minded individuals together to attempt to make Genesis Resiliency a revenue-generating company. Late nights, long weekends, email campaigns, hopeful partnerships that didn’t work out, and a whole lot of guesswork brought us to the need to restructure the company in July 2021.

July 2021 is also when my contract ended, and I fell out of a plane. Literally. I was devastated that things didn’t pan out with my contract and, with nowhere else to turn. to, I began working on Genesis Resiliency full-time.

However, the story really starts when my neighbor saw how much hurt I was in and paid for me to go skydiving.

After jumping out of the plane, and falling fast through the air, I realized I could die today or I can make something out of myself. Fortunately, due to all the safety precautions, death by sky-jump was unlikely. But my realization woke me up.

After landing safely – and after a couple of drinks - I woke up the next morning with a hangover, logged onto my computer, and re-wrote the entire strategy for Genesis Resiliency.

From July to December, I continued doing a lot of pro bono work but needed to truly begin finding ways to make money. I started micro-consulting companies and helped several businesses. However, this did not help me as much as I needed, and I fell behind on rent and basically everything else including food.

December was special though because it was the first time I was able to work with a client that could provide long-term growth opportunities. And I began signing real partnerships to build Genesis Resiliency into a powerhouse!

At least that’s what I thought at that time. As you read this, you can already tell that I’m either a driven dreamer or decidedly delusional. I’ll take dreamer albeit with some tough luck, several well-earned bruises, but with the grit to keep pursuing dreams.

Still financially struggling, in February (FYI, my birth is February 8th) I was able to secure a partnership with the Professional Education and Certification Board (PECB). I see this partnership as key to achieving Genesis Resiliency’s mission of building resilient businesses through education and have structured a selection of cost-effective courses you can explore here.

March brought more good news as Genesis Resiliency partnered with Ascent Risk & Resilience Technology to provide autoBCM solutions to organizations within Canada and the US. It’s pretty neat stuff, which you can read more about here.

And soon, fulfilling a key part of my dream, the “Journal of Business Continuity & Emergency Planning” will be publishing my article “How to build more resilient businesses and communities – A proposal”. You can read the abstract here.

The future horizon at Genesis Resiliency looks hopeful.

I called my company Genesis Resiliency for many reasons. Resiliency is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties

And I – like everyone – have had some difficulties.

And I – like you – am resilient and unstoppable.

Be kind, stay strong, and continue business.

Martin Gierczak - Founder, Genesis Resiliency.