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Press Release - Partnership Announcement

Genesis Resiliency, a leading provider of operational resilience consulting solutions, announces today a partnership with Agility Recovery Solutions. Agility Recovery is the leading provider of business continuity management and disaster recovery solutions, providing more than 30 years of experience helping companies plan for and recover from disasters big and small.

The partnership between Genesis Resiliency and Agility Recovery enables the capability for organizations to utilize technology to build and manage components of an operational resilience program specific to business continuity management, testing, planning, training, and incident management including emergency notifications.

In addition, Genesis Resiliency will be able to incorporate consulting solutions related to physical workspace recovery solutions and support on-premises recovery exercises based in facilities that can be provided by Agility Recovery.

The end-to-end operational resilience program management solutions provided by Genesis Resiliency mean that organizations can depend on Genesis Resiliency for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd lines of defense support and to program manage an organization’s ability to scale, adapt, respond, recover, and thrive.

Genesis Resiliency builds operational resilience programs and deliverables with customized day-to-day workflows to ensure that the following defense disciplines comply with regulations, best practices, industry standards, and risk compliance.

1. Business Continuity / Continuity of Operations

2. Crisis Management & Communications

3. Critical Environments

4. Financial Health & Viability

5. Human Resource Management

6. Incident Response

7. Information Security

8. Legal, Audit & Compliance

9. Organizational Behaviour

10. Risk Management

11. Supply Chain Resilience

12. People's Health & Safety in Virtual & Physical Environments

Genesis Resiliency structures a unique OPGC (Organizational Program Governance & Control) approach in combination with our 9-key business area strategy that ensures an organization builds, maintains, and continuously improves its operational resilience program.

About Agility Recovery Solutions 

Agility Recovery is the leading provider of business continuity and disaster recovery solutions with more than 30 years of experience helping businesses plan for and recover from real disasters and interruptions. Through one central hub, our customers can use business continuity, emergency alerting, and incident management tools, along with guaranteed access to temporary power, furnished mobile office space, communications equipment, technology, and testing resources.

In the wake of the unexpected, we make resilience simple by providing the expertise and resources your organization needs to prepare, protect, and recover quickly. Whether you’re a seasoned continuity professional or creating your company’s business continuity plan for the first time, we’re ready to support you and your team.


About Genesis Resiliency

Genesis Resiliency specializes in building operationally resilient businesses and organizations by combining methodologies from Business Continuity, Emergency Management, Health & Safety, Wellness, Project Management, Lean Six Sigma, Agile, and Information Mapping. We believe in building resilient businesses and communities for the greater good through consulting. Now, with the partnership with Agility Recovery Solutions, we can help organizations manage more effective operational resiliency programs.


Contact Genesis Resiliency to get started.

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