Return to the workplace: The importance of communicating your “Health Strategy” to your customers.

Small to medium sized business are complying with new regulations that require implementing health protocols such as ensuring employees and customers wear facemasks and sanitize their hands upon entry/exit. Many businesses are collecting contact information for contact tracing and some are even implementing temperature check technologies to identify individuals with high temperatures.


Are you done?

Not yet.

Your business also needs to understand that customer behaviours and expectations have changed because of the crisis.

In Accenture’s article COVID-19: How consumer behavior will be changed, among the findings are that customers have a strong focus on:

1. Ensuring health protocols are in place to protect them and workers.

2. Making purchase decisions that reduce waste and support sustainable options.

3. Supporting communities by shopping local for goods & services.

4. Working from home and purchasing what they need on-line.

Customers will make conscious decisions to spend their money where they see their concerns are respected. And communicating how your business is adapting to these concerns is vital to ensuring your survival.

One way to adapt is for your business to create and implement a “Health Strategy” that clearly demonstrates how you are responding to your customer’s concerns and behaviours. This strategy can include:

  • Displaying signs that outline COVID-19 your health protocols.

  • Training your workers on health protocols and helping them get comfortable with enforcing these protocols.

  • Sharing your strategy with customers and informing them of what their expected experience may be when interacting with you. This can be done by:

  • Creating videos or pictures of customers and workers adhering to health protocols and posting these videos on your social media channels

  • Adding COVID-19 health protocols to your business websites and highlighting any specialized processes that need to be followed before visiting your workplace, such as completing contact tracing forms.

  • Communicating with your customers through email distribution lists, newsletters, follow up calls or social media to share service modifications or new/revised health protocols.

Additionally, you can build relationships with local community and other business leaders to find ways that you can support each other and build community resilience. Support can be anything from obtaining and sharing information about Government COVID-19 financial relief to helping make introductions that expand or reinforce personal connections needed to sustain everyone’s business operations.

Genesis Resiliency can help develop your “Health Strategy”. Contact us today for an assessment.


- Ahsan Zaman, Principal Consultant, Genesis Resiliency

- Martin Gierczak, Founder, Genesis Resiliency