Special Edition Business Disruption Scenario in support of United Way GTA.

What would you need to change in order to continue business?

Read more about why we are highlighting United Way Greater Toronto in this business disruption scenario.


Lifesaving supports in your community are at risk due to the impacts of Omicron. Your gift to United Way’s Emergency COVID Support will fund urgent and basic resources like N95 masks, grocery cards, HEPA filters, gas for food delivery, air purifiers, food hampers, and relief staff so that local agencies can provide essential services for those disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.

👉 Ways to get involved:

• You can help your community recover and rebuild - We all know the pandemic didn’t affect all of us equally.

• It’s been especially hard on seniors, on newcomers, on people who are equity deserving, on those with precarious employment, and on those without permanent shelter.

• The pandemic has made the lives of people who were already struggling a lot more difficult; for many, the precarity in their lives was worsened by losing jobs, becoming suddenly disconnected from their social networks, and even risking their health on a daily basis.

👉 Why we need you:

• Food insecurity has been exacerbated

• Layoffs have skyrocketed for low-wage workers

• The housing crisis has gotten worse

• Say ‘yes’ to an equitable recovery by becoming a donor.

• Help us lead with local solutions such as building an "Inclusive Local Economic Opportunity", Read up on vertical legacy research reports, and getting involved with Community Coordination tables.

• Limitless possibilities for local solutions - Many neighborhoods in our region are being redesigned or redeveloped. And while this can be good news, we need to ensure that redevelopment does not turn into displacement. United Way is working with community leaders locally to create economic opportunities and ensure that, as the cost of living in redeveloped neighborhoods goes up, no resident is left behind.

♥ It’s going to take a whole lot of local love, and all of us working together, to address the long-term impacts of this pandemic. Whether it’s making a gift, rolling up your sleeves to volunteer or joining us at one of our fundraising events, we need you to take action today. Make a gift by scanning the QR codes or by visiting this link: https://lnkd.in/dUXg_sms.

Read our article "Building Business Resilience starts with You" to find ways to get Mental Health support for you and your employees. Link: https://lnkd.in/eS3KPrF7


Martin Gierczak, Founder at Genesis Resiliency.