Understand Risk. Continue Business. Animated.

Lessons Learned - Communication of Knowledge is King

In a virtual world, with more and more content being developed to communicate the value of products and services, we have to sometimes sit back and think about our who, what, why, when, where and how’s.

In order to communicate complex methodologies from risk management to project management to critical thinking processes using perspective analysis, we are joining the world of content creation through a series of videos that we making available free for use to help support your business continue business.

Communication of Risk Management Methodologies in Virtual Formats

As an introduction - and shameless pitch – my company, Genesis Resiliency provides business continuity advisory and mentoring services to small and medium sized businesses.

Through our free bi-weekly training program, which you can register for through Eventbrite, we help businesses understand risk by using 4 distinct assessments to identify methods of continuing business and transforming their business’ resiliency.

We have created a series of videos and we’ll let them do the talking to explain our who, what, why, when, where and how’s. Additionally, the videos to drive home why it’s important to develop communications and share knowledge for the greater good. And most importantly, continue business.

In order to round out our ideas of encouraging the need to think from the perspective of others to communicate a thought process, we have included personal and business perspectives in our video series.


The following videos are part of our Understand Risk training program.

  1. Understand Risk for small and medium-sized business

  2. Continue Business with our approach of helping you implement processes to improve your ability to survive future disruptions.

  3. Transform your business with our mentorship program.

  4. Understand the Business Impact Analysis, personal perspective

  5. Understand the Business Impact Analysis, business perspective

  6. Secure your business by understanding the Threat Risk Assessment

  7. Align your business to prioritize the Health & Safety of your people by completing a Workplace Resiliency Assessment, personal perspective.

  8. Align your business to prioritize the Health & Safety of your people by completing a Workplace Resiliency Assessment, business perspective.

  9. Transform your business using our scenario-based perspective analysis process using Agile user stories to ideate and transform your business.

For more information information, please contact us at contact@genesis.resiliency.com

Author: Martin Gierczak, Founder, Genesis Resiliency